AGALLAH – 2021

Agallah delivers an early album this new year with the aptly titled 2021. On this project, it’s almost as if the beats are a bit more laid back. It’s a tad more sinister than usual musically as if the beats were laying back in the cut waiting for the perfect time to strike. On the mic, Agallah sounds decent. His rhymes are aggressive and definitely aimed at haters and critics on this project. I can do without the sing-songy crap he does like on “Move To Miami.” That stuff is totally whack. I wouldn’t say this is his best project, but it does sound a bit better than a lot of his past work. This is a decent way to start off the year for Agallah.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#agallah #agallahthedon #donbishopagallah #8offagallah #8off #2021


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