Too Short and E-40 release a new project and this is the review of E-40’s album Terms & Conditions. E-40 has always been a master of vocabulary and he is able to spit that Vallejo slanguage perfectly yet again on this new project. He definitely does what he does best and represents that Bay Area to the fullest. Keeping true to the sound as well, the production on here is full of thumpers and upbeat tracks to keep your feet moving. The highlight on here is the very radio friendly “P’s And Q’s” featuring Trae Suave. The beat is very catchy and sure to get stuck in your head. Trae does a great job singing the hook as well. This is yet another dope brick on the house that E-40 built.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#e40 #e-40 #e40thecounselor #theclick #click #daclick #thaclick #bayarea #vallejo #oakland #terms&conditions #termsandconditions


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