Cassidy gives us a new mixtape called Da Formula. On the mic, Cassidy is as dope as he ever has been. He is a master at bars and there is no debating that. He slays just about every rhyme on this project. The problem that exists here is the execution of the songs. The beats are decent for the most part, but with some of the songs, I think Cassidy was trying to create catchy, gimmicky hit songs. What he needs more on here is that gutter street music that people want. That is what makes an album. In other terms, I think he is swinging to knock it out of the park every time instead of just trying to get on base. As you listen through the project, your attention can seem to drift off at times because of the repetitiveness. Nevertheless, a highlight would be “I’m In My Bag Watch Me” featuring Beenie Man. It has a dope, sped-up, sung sample and the bars and flow are top notch. I think the streets want to hear more of that hardcore Cass next time so hopefully we will get that.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#cassidy #cassidy_larsiny #larsiny #mrchicken #fullsurface #mayhem #mayhemmusic #goatgang #daformula


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