A-Plus from the Hieroglyphics teams up with producer The Architect to give us a brand new project that is perfect for all of the flow masters out there. A-Plus can ride a beat like few can. That whole Hiero crew has always been known for that and A-Plus just further proves it here with this latest release. He jumps from word to word, phrase to phrase effortlessly on this new set of tracks. The beats on here are great as well. The Architect really captures that perfect tone for A-Plus to flourish. There are some really good highlights on this project including “Stupid Kids” featuring 2Krazi, “Cleopatra” featuring Planet Asia, and “Adam Raising Cain.” All three of these have fire beats and fire rhymes and you will quickly see why this album is dope. I strongly urge everyone out there to check this one out and more of the stuff from the Hieroglyphics crew. You will get a lesson in lyrical exercise.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#a-plus #aplus #hieroaplus #hieroglypics #hiero #hieroimperium #thearchitecht #blvckswitzerlvnd


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