Lil Wayne delivers No Ceilings 3 and this one turned out pretty decent. On the mic, I think Lil Wayne is starting his trek back to the old Lil Wayne. He is starting to be a little more like Tha Carter Lil Wayne and that is a good thing to hear. The beats were a mixed bag. There are a lot of current joints that are out that he chose to rock over. That is always a smart idea, especially for a mixtape. There are a few original joints in there too. It’s a nice mix. On songs like “Lamar,” Wayne is spitting at the top of his game. He is doing what he does best and it sounds fantastic. That’s what we WANT to hear, not the sad sing-songy stuff. There are a few tracks towards the end in which he has his kids doing songs. Those didn’t really sound the best and I wonder if they got the same knack for music that their pops has. Doesn’t quite sound like it. Wayne did a decent job here overall with this one and we hope to hear more from him in 2021.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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