JR Writer hits us with another re-up with his new album I Really Rap Too. It’s always good to see members of the Diplomats movement still doing their thing, because they all were killing it during their run. JR Writer definitely still kills it on the mic and that is made obviously apparent right from the first track. I don’t think people remember or give credit to how good JR Writer really is. He has some great features from Royce Da 5’9″, 38 Spesh, Fred Money, & Dave East. The production on here is definitely a bit above average. He selects some really great beats by keeping some level of boom bap in here and a sprinkle of classic Diplomats sound. This is evidenced in the track “Levels In” as it is a dope beat with a great vocal sample. Sample heads should definitely recognize the tune used in the track “Don’t Do It.” This is a really good project that plays through pretty cohesively. Diplomat fans and casual rap fans will agree that this one is fire.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteak

#jrwriter #jrwriter_ #zeus #thunda #dipset #diplomats #harlem #ireallyraptoo


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