One thing Rittz is always good at is putting out a solid body of work as an album. He is able to provide different topics and themes for songs. On the mic, he is ferociously fast and his flow is unmatched by most of these so-called fast rappers out here. Out the gate, he is spitting mind-spinning rhymes at break-neck speed and sounds dope. As far as the beats go, this is pretty decent from start to back. I think the song concepts are the more focal point of his albums and are definitely dope on here. Tracks that deserve praise would include “Fucked Up Day” and “Friend Zone,” both being pretty self-explanatory as to the subject matter. The highlight of this album is the C-Lance produced “Bring Me Down” which features Merkules and Snak The Ripper. This one is a certified banger and will have fans loving it for sure. All in all, Rittz releases another pretty dope project that should get your attention.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#rittz #therealrittz #strangemusic #rittzteam #pictureperfect


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