DJ Kay Slay releases a short new project that is jam packed with artists as usual. Overall, this one wasn’t his best work, but he did try to cram a lot of talent into it. The majority of songs that are on here really are pretty decent, it’s just that they won’t stick with you too long. These are mostly throwaway songs. They sound great in the moment, but then you aren’t really playing them over and over again. The one big exception is the massive 17+ minute song “Rolling 50 Deep.” This song features just about every great lyricist that you could think of from the past 20 years. This song is beyond amazing. It’s every MC at the top of their game all on one track. What more could one ask for? The project is worth checking out even if it is only for that song.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#djkayslay #kayslay #realdjkayslay #kingdjkayslay #streetsweeper #streetsweeperradio #shade45 #homage


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