This album sounded like it would be good just based off of the title. Was that the case? Not exactly. This album can be broken down into two parts. The lyricism I definitely wasn’t feeling too much. I was hoping for top tier and complex rhymes, but it definitely didn’t go that way at all. It sounded more like a college kid that decided to be a rapper for a semester. Kensho seems like one of those rappers that chooses to enunciate every single word to sound “edgy.” Then to start off the album promoting drug use? Real good for the kids. Like we haven’t heard that a million times over from all of these mumble rappers already. As far as the beats on this album, now that part was pretty damn good. There is a really good selection of beats on here, even some classics that he rhymes over. It was a shame that the rhymes didn’t match the beats more because the boom bap beats usually bring out the better side of an artist. I hope that this dude can do better in the future because he is definitely set up for success if he can sharpen up those rhymes.

OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#kenshokuma #lineageovthelyricist



  1. I respect feedback. However, I have not promoted drug use. “Methadone” is an anti-drug abuse song. I have been sober for over a decade and have lost many loved ones to addiction. To say that I promote drug use is simply incorrect. Respectfully, Kensho Kuma


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