Cassidy drops a new mixtape for the bar heads and this one is definitely chock full of bars. Cassidy is a top tier MC and can take out most other MCs, it’s no lie. You can’t really coach perfection. His rhymes are full of bravado and wit as he slays through the competition bar after bar. It’s what he’s always done and what he will always do. The part of this project that suffers is the production side of things. These really aren’t the best beats and I don’t think Cassidy fans will think they are either. We wanted more out of a project from him. It’s great when the lyrics are fantastic, but when there aren’t quality beats to stand behind them, it’s hard to rate it a quality project.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#cassidy #cassidy_larsiny #larsiny #mrchicken #fullsurface #mayhem #mayhemmusic #goatgang #dascience


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