Agallah teams up with the legend Sadat X and these 2 actually deliver a pretty dope project. The part that really sticks out is the intensity on here. Both Agallah and Sadat X are making their points proven with how hard they are spitting. You can definitely feel the ferocity from both of them. I think they both benefitted from collaborating here. Usually when 2 MCs work together, they sort of sharpen swords because they are trying to outdo the other and I think that both of them benefitted from that here on this one. The production was a bit better this time around too. There are some pretty good beats on here that complement both of them. One of the only songs I could probably do without was “Can We Save Us” with it’s terribly sung hook. Other than that, this one was pretty decent from front to back. Definitely a good listen through.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#agallah #agallahthedon #8offagallah #8off #sadatx #brandnubian #thegodshavearrived #tgha


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