Elzhi releases a brand new album that is slamming for hip hop fans. On the mic, Elzhi’s flow is so beyond that of most rappers out there. He is light years ahead of the pack. It is just flawless, intelligent, and unrelenting. He really is a master at this craft. The production on here is pretty slamming as well. I wouldn’t quite label the beats as classic, but there isn’t really a whack song on here at all. The album plays through pretty well and there aren’t really any annoying skits to steer the listener away. Highlights include “Light One Write One,” “Thugged Out Zombies,” and “Jason.” This is the type of album that you listen to quite a few times and you discover a new favorite each time you listen to. This is truly something for the hip hop purists to rejoice over.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#elzhi #detroit #seventimesdowneighttimesup #7timesdown8timesup #stdetu


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