Action Bronson comes back with a new project and this one is a little bit weirder than most of his regular stuff. It’s almost pretty apparent that he was trying to go for the weird factor with this one. His rhymes are actually pretty decent throughout the project. It is classic Bronson spitting his witty and visual lines that he is known for. The beats and concepts may be a little out there for most people though. It’s almost like he is trying to convey something that can only be understood by dolphins. I wished that he would have had more bangers on this joint, kind of like back when he was doing the Blue Chips mixtapes. The ones that were salvageable to me were “Golden Eye” and “Mongolia” featuring Hologram and Meyhem Lauren. Both of those have some pretty slamming beats and they rhymes are pretty damn good over top of those beats. All in all, this was not necessarily a whack album at all, it was just pretty weird, and not the best that we have seen from Action Bronson.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#actionbronson #action_bronson #queens #onlyfordolphins #ofd


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