Ty Farris teams up with producer Royalz to come out with this new project that is pretty dope overall. When it comes to bars, there is nothing you can teach Ty Farris. He is a master at this craft. Every bar is expertly crafted and you can tell he takes his time writing each line. The beats on this project are a bit different. There is more of a grandiose feeling to the beats and fewer drums and snares. Royalz trades those in for more of an effervescent feeling on this one. It’s almost a bit of a contrast hearing laid back, yet grand beats, but having relentless, crafty bars. I am not quite sure it is the best pairing, however, it still sounds pretty decent. This was a good album in which you will definitely be hitting the rewind button to hear lyrics again and again.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#tyfarris #tyfarris1 #detroit #royalz #theroadofawarrior #troaw


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