Flee Lord comes right back at us with a brand new project of heat. He teams up with 38 Spesh and effortlessly gives us another really dope album. Flee Lord sounds great on the mic. With his fantastic voice, he delivers more bars of pain for fans to consumer. Just like Flee Lord, 38 Spesh is another artist that has an impeccable work ethic. On the boards, he is fantastic yet again. The beats on here are straight fire. The highlight of this project is “Two Pics On My Gram.” With its great vocal sample and drums, this is sure to be a favorite. This is a great combination and I hope these 2 artists link up many times in the future.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#fleelord #inf_mobb_flee #griselda #segang #38spesh #iamspesh #trustgang #loyaltyandtrust2 #loyaltyandtrust #loyalty&trust2 #loyalty&trust #lat2 #l&t2


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