Mach Hommy drops off a new album and surprisingly, this one was a little bit better than a lot of its predecessors. His flow seems to have improved a bit and some of the bars were a bit improved as well. Maybe he just sounded a bit hungrier on this one, but something seems to have gotten in him to give off this energy. The production selected on this project was good as well. I think these beats seemed to have stepped up a bit from prior releases. On tracks like “SBTM (Sweeney Been Told Me)” and “Squeaky Hinge,” he really seemed to find his stride. There were other songs like “Count Dracula (remix)” that I could have done without. All in all, not really too bad of an effort here from the Dump Gawd.

OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#machhommy #daneielohim #dumpgawd #machshardlemonade #mhl


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