Dave East releases a new project called Karma 3. Traditionally, this series of his tends to get weaker scores. While a little bit better than its predecessors, this one sort of suffers from the same thing as the previous chapters. Dave East is a great rapper. His bars are dope and his rhymes schemes are really good. I think he comes up with some really clever rhymes and wordplay and you can definitely hear it showcased on this new project. The beats on here are decent as well. There are some standout tracks like “Stone Killer” featuring Benny and “Envy.” Both have really great beats and the rhymes and flow are definitely on point. The part that Dave East lacks is making those songs that just stick with you. If you look at an MC like Nas and all of his great albums, there are certain songs that stick out and you remember those songs forever. With Dave East, I really think he is lacking in that department. You don’t really get those memorable hip hop moments in history with him. It was kind of cool hearing “The City” with Trey Songz, which is a reworking of Jay-Z’s “Ain’t No Love.” But again, this is someone else’s work and not Dave East’s work. It’d be great to hear something original and something timeless from Dave East because I definitely know he has it in him. You just won’t find it on this particular release.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#daveeast #defjam #defjamrecords #harlem #karma3 #karma


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