The Queensbridge icon comes back with a quick and fantastic new album. This one was a much better follow-up than his album with Kanye West. Nas’ new album is packed with great beats and dope lyrics that shows a more mature, yet lyrically sharp Nas. His bars are amazing throughout. He sounds as fresh and as hungry as he ever was. Even though 2020 has been ruthless, it didn’t take over any of Nas’ talent. The beats on here are great as well. It is track after track of slamming production mostly offered from Hit-Boy. The highlight for me was the intro “King’s Disease.” This is a fantastic start to the album and Nas sounds smooth and focused over a soulful beat. As far as downsides to the album, a lot of the tracks are shorter than I wanted them to be. Nas could have let them run a bit longer or maybe throw another verse on them to stretch them out a bit. Another letdown was the track “Full Circle” featuring the original Firm lineup. Despite AZ killing it on his verse, I think the track lacked a bit of the nostalgic energy it should have had. Foxy definitely sounded older and tired on here. It just didn’t pack the punch as a song that it should have. All in all though, this wasn’t a bad album. Just a few tweaks and this could have shot straight to the moon. Fantastic job Nas.

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#nas #nasir #nasirjones #nastynas #nasescobar #escobar #nastradamus #queens #queensbridge #kingsdisease


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