Logic delivers his “final” album before retirement. This is pretty much going out without a bang. The best part of this album is the production. With No I.D. handling some of the production, a lot of the beats are really slamming. They were definitely produced at a very high level and it sounds very apparent. His bars, while they sound like they are written pretty skillfully, don’t seem to stick. It’s like throwing one of those sticky things at the wall and watching it fall off pretty shortly after. The bars just don’t resonate for some reason. This is the reason that I don’t understand why people love Logic so much. I can’t recall or recite any notable bars from him and I don’t see other people doing it either. I’m not saying he is whack, but rather, that he just doesn’t have a lot of staying power. It’s just kind of confusing. All in all, he delivers a somewhat decent album here for his “last” go round in this hip hop world. I’d bet $100 that we will see him again in the future though. No rapper really ever retires.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#logic #logic301 #bobbytarantino #bobbybestseller #ratpack #nopressure


Logic - No Pressure

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