Cambatta releases an incredibly deep and expertly-crafted new album to literally blow your minds up. For starters, this dude reminds me of the energy that was in the culture when Canibus first burst onto the scene. His rhymes sounded like he was locked in a library of all human and extraterrestrial knowledge for 7 lifetimes. If Canibus was in fact in there, Cambatta was right there with him. His bars are amazing and far beyond the normal grasp of most fans today. The only downside to that is that it will probably make his fanbase smaller as the masses won’t be drawn to this art. Nevertheless, he is spitting at such a high level, that it is extremely impressive and should be recognized by all. The beats on here are appropriate to the rhymes. I am not saying they are classic or memorable beats, but they definitely fit the narrative and the feel of this project. Some of the highlights include “Bones Of Osirus,” “Mic El JahXsun,” and “nXggXrla tXsla” as they all really showcase the supreme lyrical ability of this MC. There were a few songs where Cambatta would attempt to sing that I could probably do without, but all in all, this was a breath of fresh air. Cambatta really stands out as a new and different talent and I’m pretty sure he will be around for quite a while.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#cambatta #cambattamusic #lsd #lunarsolarduality


Cambatta - LSD

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