Blu and Exile release a slamming new project. This one is chock full of dopeness. On the mic, Blu is magical spitting deep and introspective rhymes. He does deep dives into a great deal of topics on this project. What makes it even better is that his flow is flawless as you move from song to song. The production on here is just amazing. These are highly produced tracks that have a great musical presence, but also bump in your speakers. You pretty much get the best of both worlds. Another notable thing about this release is how long the album is and how long the songs are. The songs definitely average out to be about 5 minutes long. You get a lot more out of songs when they are longer and you enjoy it more when they are this dope. This is definitely an album you will be playing back over and over again and discovering new things with each listen. The highlights on here include (but are not limited to): “The Feeling,” “Miles Away,” and “Dear Lord.” The vast majority of this album is expertly crafted and Blue and Exile should be very proud of this creation.


OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Blu & Exile - Miles

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