Benny and company assemble to provide us with a glimpse of the Black Soprano Family and what they can do on the mic. This one is straight for the drug dealers out there. You’re not gonna find any radio-friendly tracks or shit for the radio on here. These 8 tracks are strictly for those out there hustling. As far as bars go, that is pretty much what the subject matter entails. You won’t really get anything outside of that. The production on here is decent. I think overall, I was expecting more out of this release. I wanted to hear harder and more clever bars. So it is pretty standard in both the lyrics and the production. The highlight on here is probably “It’s Over” with its dope vocal-sample and comfortable beat for the MCs to flow over. It makes their job easier and they sound pretty good overall. Not a bad sounding joint overall, it’s just that there really aren’t any bells and whistles on here.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#benny #bennybsf #bennythebutcher #griselda #gxfr #segang #bsf #blacksopranofamily #buffalo #rickhyde #loveboatluciano #jonesy #heem #gangstagrillz #djdrama


Black Soprano Family - Black Soprano Family

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