This brand new project from Napoleon Da Legend is fantastic. There are 8 songs in total: 4 in French and then 4 in English with the same beats. First of all, it just goes to show you the talent of Napoleon how he can rhyme in different languages and make it sound great. Obviously I can’t understand French, but it is amazing that he can flip the rhymes like that. The English songs that he has on here are amazing. The production was really stepped up on this project. Even though it is shorter, it is jam packed with freshness. The highlight for me was “Pernell Whitaker.” Napoleon absolutely blacked out on this track. His flow is unmatched, his bars were next level, and sounded perfect on this song. I was blown away by how great he sounded. Also, I’d probably be remiss if I didn’t say it, but I think we got a shout out on the track “Your Welcome.” I might be wrong, but it sounded like it. We’ll hope to hear Napoleon verify it. All in all, this was a really dope project that showcases the talent of this MC. This is why he is out here slaying it.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#napoleondalegend #napoleon #ndl #teamndl #charlesdegaulle


Napoleon Da Legend - Charles de Gaulle

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