Westside Gunn delivers a follow-up project for fans this July 4th weekend. To be quite honest, this one sounded a little more rushed than usual. I don’t think this one quite lives up to it’s predecessors and it almost even sounds like Westside Gunn might be losing a step or 2 on here. Griselda has been running the game for the past few years and I don’t want to see them slow down at all. Hopefully this isn’t an indication that they might be slowing down. Westside Gunn sounds at least decent on the beats on here. He lends his signature style and rhymes throughout. The features kind of threw me off a bit. It almost felt as if Gunn was trying to hand the reigns off to others on here relying on others to provide the rhymes. The beats on here were good, but not as good as previous Griselda releases. We just didn’t get that same spooky Daringer sound as usual. I really hope that this isn’t the start of a fall-off for this crew, because they are all super dope and we want to see them go for a long time.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#westsidegunn #flygod #gxfr #griselda #segang #spooky #bsf #blacksopranofamily #flygodisanawesomegod2 #flygodisanawesomegod #fgiaag2 #fgiaag

Westside Gunn - Flygod Is An Awesome God 2


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