Cappadonna releases a new project called Black Is Beautiful. This one was a bit underwhelming overall. Cappadonna has a few bars here and there, but it’s not the Cappadonna lyrics that we wanted or needed from old. A lot of times on this project, he trades in his rhymes and even tries to sing which doesn’t come out very well. He definitely should have stuck to the rhymes. He enlists a lot of up-and-comers to assist him with vocals such as Big Nate All Star, PBS Skinz, and more. The beats on here were pretty average as well. The only tracks that really stuck out amongst the pack were “Trouble” which samples an old Mobb Deep beat and “Somebody” with it’s clever vocal sample and dope drum line. This whole project fell a bit more flat than it should of, but we definitely still respect Cappadonna and his theme for this project as it is very much needed today.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#cappadonna #wu-tangclan #wutangclan #wutang #wu-tang #wutangforever #wtc #blackisbeautiful #bib


Cappadonna - Black Is Beautiful

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