These were pretty much the same album as I believe El Camino first tried to release it as Money For Bail, but then called it The Minotaur while removing the track “Top Grease.” This was a very quick album as every track is only like 2 minutes long so it plays through incredibly fast. While it wasn’t necessarily a bad album, I have to ask, are this many 2 minute songs necessary? Can’t we just put a little more effort into songs instead of constantly just throwing out mediocre material to stay relevant? On the mic, El Camino sounds okay. There really isn’t anything mind blowing that he is rapping about. The beats on here are definitely some clever samples that sounds dope over some drums. All in all, not a bad album, but I feel like more effort could have been put forth.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#elcamino #elcaminosway #griselda #gxfr #segang #theminotaur #moneyforbail


El Camino - The Minotaur

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