2 of the grimiest MCs link up for an absolute attack on the industry on this one. Ill Bill and Gorilla Nems make a perfect pairing and sound fantastic on this record. Both MCs approach the mic like a pack of silverback gorillas and just beat the mic into submission. They have some great features from Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique, Lord Goat, and more. The production on this project is slamming. It’s just beat after beat of hitters. Highlights include “Supply & Demand” and “Shootout At The Cyclone.” Both of these beats are thumpers and both rappers just attack the mic. This is definitely some heat rock for your listening pleasure.


OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#illbill #unclehowie #illb1ll #unclehowie #brooklyn #nems #gorillanems #nems_fyl #fuckyalife #fyl #coneyisland #gorillatwins


Ill Bill & Nems - Gorilla Twins

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