El-P comes back at us with a signaturely strange new solo album. This is not for everyone out there. Most casual rap fans will not like this album. It’s a very different sounding walk through musical discovery. It starts out a little more “Run The Jewels” sounding, just with the absence of Killer Mike. El-P on the mic is pretty dope. His flow is great and you can see why Killer Mike teamed up with him. The dude has an incredible control of the English language. There are features from Aesop Rock, Ill Bill, Mr. Lif, and more. The beats on here are very far out there mixing strange sounds with computer type beats. This is completely not your average record. Most won’t get it, but if you feel like taking a chance on something different, this is your record.


OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#elp #el-p #therealelp #runthejewels #companyflow #fantasticdamage


El-P - Fantastic Damage

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