Defari links up with Dirty Diggs again to give us a brand new project. On this go round, I don’t think that it stands out as much as previous projects have. This was not one of their stronger albums. That is not to say it is whack though. Defari definitely raps with conviction, but I think a lot of his bars aren’t really up to par with previous projects. They just seemed to hit less hard than before. They just sorta float through the air and keep going. They don’t really stick. As far as the production, it wasn’t the best I have heard Dirty Diggs do, but then again, it wasn’t really bad either. I’d definitely give more credit to the production side of things with this project. There definitely needed to be some more work done here. I’d almost like to hear more of a West Coast sound for Defari. I mean, he started out with the Likwit crew and he really shined there, so why not continue with more of the root sound?


OVERALL RATING: 2.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#defari #mr_defari #likwit #likwitcrew #alkaholiks #dirtydiggs #dirtdiggs #truthserum


Defari & Dirty Diggs - Truth Serum

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