First off, this is definitely not the record that I expected from these two MCs. I expected more of a West Coast mixed with a gritty Down South sound by mixing these two. That did not happen at all. They went for more of a radio-friendly sound with this project. Daz sounds a bit more soothing to the masses’ ear by trying to appeal to all. Gipp doesn’t even sound like he used to at all. He sounds like a completely different person. Nevertheless, this is the combination we received. The production here is very upbeat and jovial. A lot of the songs you can definitely tell they were trying to aim for the single. I don’t think they failed at all with this plan. All in all, it’s not really too bad of a record. It’s a bit jarring at first, but it has a smooth and upbeat sound that should get listeners in a better mood. A highlight would be “Burden” featuring Misha Fair and it is probably because they reworked the Goapele sample of “Closer.” Another decent track is “What U Waitin 4” featuring Shawty Redd. This one definitely had a nice upbeat sound and a decent hook. All in all, not a bad job by the both of them, but this was probably not the combination that people were looking for.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#daz #dazdillinger #datniggadaz #deathrow #biggipp #goodiemob #atlanta #atl #atla


Daz Dillinger & Big Gipp - A.T.L.A.

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