Whispers is back with a new project that is straight New York to the core. Everything surrounding this project just sounds like classic New York at its finest. Whispers is pretty good on the bars. He may not be top tier, but he certainly enlists some of New York’s finest to help him out on the microphone. Sheek and Chris Rivers are amongst the features to help out the sound of this project. The beats on here are probably a bit above average on here. They really strived to capture a dope hip hop record here with this one. One of the highlights on here is “Bodies Off A Bridge” which features Money Bagz and Ellz Gully. This is a dope beat, bars, and a great hook combined. Whispers flips classic tracks that 90s fans will recognize on songs like “Murda On D Block” and “O.P.P. (MMXX).” This is a quick 8 track walk through New York that fans will definitely appreciate.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#whispers #tommywhispers #whispers_pk3 #whisperspk3 #wizardly2 #wizardly


Whispers - Wizardly 2

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