DITC member AG teams up with producer Ray West to give us a pretty subpar project. This one flops pretty hard. As far as the bars go, we got a lot of respect for AG, Party Arty, and other members of the legendary DITC. Party Arty probably stands out the most on this project lyrically with his hard bars. The biggest problem with this project is the production. The sleepy and often times dreamy beats are enough to put the listener to sleep. This is not really the project you want to throw on if you are trying to get hype. When you put great rappers over these beats, it definitely brings down the overall quality of the lyrics as well. This was just not a very calculated step. We hope to hear better stuff from AG to come.


OVERALL RATING: 1.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#agofditc #ag #andrethegiant #ditc #ditcstudios #diggin #bronx #diggininthecrates #raywest #alwaysprotecttheking #aptk


AG & Ray West - Always Protect The King

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