Emilio Rojas gives us a nice little quarantine package to enjoy while we are all staying put. This was a pretty decent project from front to back. As far as his rhymes, Emilio is pretty decent. I wouldn’t say he packs the strongest punch ever, but his flow is pretty damn solid overall. The beats on here are pretty good as well. You get the vibe that he was trying to create more of an album instead of just throw-away cuts. That is always appreciated because you can hear the effort that was put forth into projects like these. The highlight of this project is the song “Nowhere” with it’s amazing sampled production. That song is just such a banger. Those sung soul samples are just all that. An honorable mention goes to “Brighter Days” which features Gene Noble. The hook on this one really sets it off and the overall message is one of thanks to all good people helping out during the pandemic. It really gives a feeling of hope for the future. This was a pretty dope project overall. I think a few tracks weren’t as strong like “Da Kid,” but they didn’t weigh it down too much. All in all, a pretty good project from Emilio Rojas.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#emiliorojas #emiliorojaszfg #recessionproof2 #recessionproof #robtherich


Emilio Rojas - Recession Proof 2 Rob The Rich

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