Drake gives fans a surprise mixtape outta nowhere. This one features some previously released material and some brand new joints. This will serve to tide people over until the studio album comes out later this summer. Overall, this was pretty average for Drake. You can tell this was just something to throw out there. There are some decent joints on here. Lyrically, he is pretty sharp on the tracks he is rapping on. He definitely delivers some personal bars for his dad on “Losses.” “Toosie Slide” is definitely his attempt at making a viral TikTok song. It is very debatable if he accomplished that with this track. Some of the songs just sound like throwaways like “D4L Freestyle” and “Pain 1993.” The far and away best track on here is “When To Say When” which showcases by Drake is one of the best out today. His relentless bars are personal yet top tier. He is delivering like a superstar should. Production wise, this project is pretty standard as far as Drake records go. You pretty much get what you expect. Hopefully he got the bad ones out of his system so that the album will be pure genius and another classic.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes

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