Crimeapple releases a new project and this one is pretty dope overall. On the mic, he certainly does his thing. You get that slick mix of street talk and Spanglish that makes Crimeapple stand out from the pack. He definitely sounds a bit hungrier on this release. The beats on here are a little above average. I think they have a dopeness about them, while also giving a unique vibe. He almost has the producers making menacing, yet somewhat hollow beats. He definitely fills in the tracks where they may be missing some of the more highly produced sounds. All in all, this is a pretty great record. I don’t think it is quite to the same standard as his Aguardiente album with Big Ghost Ltd, but it is still dope nonetheless.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#crimeapple #__crimeapple__ #manteca #newjersey #nj #jaguaronpalisade #jop


Crimeapple - Jaguar On Palisade

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