This project hasn’t been quite up to par with the other Flee Lord projects. Lyrically, he is still pretty dope on here, but he seems to be a bit more relaxed with his delivery. There isn’t as much “umph” behind his bars. The beats on here are a little less than I had hoped for as well. Overall, they were a little more laid back than I would have liked to see. The highlight on here is “Still Shining.” With it’s absolutely slamming drums and bassline, this one will be sure to snap your neck. This one was a very quick listen at only 7 songs so it is quick to get through. One other notable thing about this project is the cover art. That picture is just amazing for a cover for an album.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#fleelord #inf_mobb_flee #griselda #segang #mephux #dustinwilliswebber #prayfortheevil #pfte


Flee Lord & Mephux - Pray For The Evil

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