Pep Love from the legendary Hieroglyphics crew drops a quick new project with only 6 tracks. This one is classic hip-hop through and through. The Hieroglyphics crew has always been great with rhyming and with this latest offering from one of their members, we can easily see that nothing has changed at all. Pep Love’s flow throughout this project is impeccable. The way his voice rides overtop of the beat without missing a step is uncanny. The beats are pretty dope as well. You’re not really going to get any boom bap here, but you do get some funky, jazzy, and almost live instrument-style beats which Pep Love is well suited for. This was a great look for him. We can only hope that we will see another Hieroglyphics collective project in the future. This one really made us miss hearing the crew.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#peplove #peplava #hieroglyphics #hiero #hieroimperium #magnamostium


Pep Love - Magnam Ostium

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