Lil Wayne delivers another huge serving of music to us that is more like a side dish to the Funeral album. While this appears to not be an official Lil Wayne release, fans still appreciate the sentiment. This is a collection of unreleased and reworked songs not previously heard by fans. As far as lyrics, Lil Wayne is definitely on the top of his game in the first half of this project. He spits relentless bars and seems to never run out of words to rhyme. It’s quite reminiscent of old Wayne songs that we have all grown to love. The second half of the project shows more of Wayne’s slowed down, melodic side. He even gets “sing-songy” on a few of the later tracks. This side wasn’t horrible, but didn’t go over as well as the earlier tracks. The production is decent overall throughout the whole recording. I don’t think there were any tracks that really pushed to be the single or anything, but it definitely sounded decent on some level of quality. The sheer size of this project at 18 tracks almost seemed like a bit much. If they cut about 4 tracks off of here, it would have been a good length. All in all, this was a decent project and probably almost a tad better than the Funeral album.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Lil Wayne - Tha Carter Chronicles

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