This was the second part of 2 albums that Lil Flip released and this one is possibly slightly better than the first. While the first one was a little bit more calm, this one is a tad more raucous sounding. His rhymes are definitely stepped up a bit as he sounds more like classic Lil Flip. There are certainly more instances of him rhyming at a higher level if you really listen deeply. The only feature on here is from Ras Kass on the song “9/11.” The beats on this one are slightly better too. While there is nothing remotely close to classic on here, the production is still satisfactory. This one might go over a little bit better than its predecessor, but there is still more work to do on Lil Flip’s part.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#lilflip #lilflip713 #trill #clovergang #cloverg #screwedupclick #suc #houston #nofeelings


Lil Flip - No Feelings

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