The Wu-Tang affiliates Wu-Syndicate drop a quick 6 track project in which they apparently had to get some heat off their chests. This project is a bit of a mixed bag. The first track “Syndicate” and the last track “Streets Feel This” are pretty dope. They have great flows on these and pretty decent bars. Hard street bars complement the hard drums on both of these tracks. Now, the rest of the project is complete garbage. Hearing them rhyme over Young MA’s “Ooouuu” track in the form of “TruUuue” is just terrible. It sounds really bad to hear these vets trying desperately to appeal to a younger crowd by grabbing newer tracks and trying to stay relevant. On “Terrence Thornton” they absolutely sound like the hottest dumpster fire around. First of all, why the hell are they going at Pusha T trying to start a beef? Pusha T’s worst record sounds better than any Wu-Syndicate song on their best day. Are they trying to take shots at legend to get hot and get their name in the streets more? It is an age old tactic to start a beef just to get relevant and that is exactly what this seems like. To keep it all the way real, there aren’t too many who remember Wu-Syndicate anymore. That is a fact. Ask people today if they remember. The answer will more than likely be no. Plus the track is littered with auto-tune which sounds god-awful. Again, sounds like they are trying to sell out and appeal to a newer generation of listeners. This is not the way to do it at all. Seriously, lay off the fabricated beefs and trying to sound fresh with new sounds. Do what you do and stay in your lane. Just based on the Pusha T disses on here, I would probably skip this project. It just isn’t worth it.


OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#wusyndicate #mya_lansky #joemafia #murdervillevol1 #murderville


Wu-Syndicate - Murderville Vol. 1

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