Jadakiss offers a new album and although it is definitely created at a high level, I think that this album suffers from the same thing that every other Jadakiss solo has suffered from. The fans want him to just go there and give us a street album. He has yet to do that. I remember the hype around his first album Kiss The Game Goodbye. Everyone wanted that hardcore Jada. He’s definitely already there with the rhymes. That was no question then and there is no question now. You can’t coach perfection. This guy is rapping so far ahead of so many others in the game and it is definitely evidenced on this new album. I think the problem is more the content and the production. There are lighter and more laidback songs on here. Now granted, I understand that this album had a bit of a theme to it. This was more or less a kind of tribute to Icepick Jay. It was a lot of elements that he wanted to see Jada do with songs. He fulfilled a lot of his wishes which is a great thing. The problem is it definitely feels like the label pushed him to do more softer, radio-friendly songs, yet again, as they have done so since the beginning. We all want We Are The Streets Jadakiss again, but are we ever going to get that on a solo Jadakiss album?? I wish Kiss would just make the fans happy and give us all what we have wanted from day one. At least give us one joint that we can remember forever.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#jadakiss #therealkiss #jada #kiss #lox #yonkers #icepick #icepickjay #ignatius


Jadakiss - Ignatius

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