This is an insanely horrible album. First of all, the name Ghost The Incredible is false advertising. There is nothing incredible about this MC. You have to have incredible patience to even get through this entire record. I did not have that patience. I don’t even know why they say that Hell Rell is a part of this. He is featured on maybe 3 songs. What a dumb idea for Hell Rell to even get on this mess. I guess maybe that the money is running low and some low level rapper that managed to get his hands on some cash made Hell Rell hop on this mess of a project. Ghost the Incredible should never ever rap again. Please, for the love of God, hang it up already. Go and get a job mopping the floor at your nearest convenience center. Don’t ever write rhymes again, please. The rhymes are super trash. The beats aren’t much better. The only one that stood out was the reworking of Jay-Z’s “Dynasty Intro” on “Sippin Pain.” Other than that, this album is a complete dumpster fire. Don’t even google this mess.


OVERALL RATING: 0 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#hellrell #therealhellrell #diplomats #dipset #byrdgang #harlem #ghosttheincredible #2020bestofme


Hell Rell & Ghost The Incredible - 2020 Best Of Me

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