Agallah drops off a brand new album that is pretty decent overall. I wouldn’t call it anywhere near a classic, but it’s worth a quick listen. His gritty voice coupled with his harsh rhymes sound menacing on this project. The production is pretty standard throughout. Again, there really isn’t anything that we would consider classic, but he does select some beats that tend to lean more towards that classic New York sound which always sounds good. I could have done without songs like “Rolling On Time” as that hook is just straight trash. The verses on there work pretty decently though. “Flawless” has an absolutely monstrous beat put together with a strong delivery of lyrics. “Van Buren’s Revenge” which features Action Figure is another dope beat with nicely laid bars over top. New York rap fans should take notice. Agallah has been doing it a long time and still continues to press onward.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#agallah #agallahthedon #8offagallah #8off #cokefixtion2 #cokefixtion


Agallah - Coke Fixtion 2

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