Drake and Future team up again to put out the second edition of their What A Time To Be Alive series. This one seems to be an unofficial mixtape. To be quite honest, this one is pretty much mostly garbage. The first offering they had was pretty decent. I think they went for more of a collaboration on that one while they blended their styles together to get the best of both worlds. On this offering, it is basically a Future album with moments of Drake sprinkled throughout. While Drake sounds decent when he sings solo on songs like “Like I’m Supposed To,” there isn’t much more to offer on this record. Future just sounds absolutely awful. He sounds like a pill-infested, lean-chugging zombie. It’s actually quite pitiful how bad his bars are. The beats on here aren’t much better at all. It definitely sounds thrown together and shoddy at best. This is one of the first times that I can remember that Drake has served up a dud of an album and all fingers are pointing at Future as the reason. Drake needs to stop collaborating with people that aren’t as talented as him even if they are so-called “hot” at the moment.


OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


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Drake & Future - What A Time To Be Alive 2

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