The D-12 vet drops off another new project. This one started out just how anyone would picture it starting – absolutely horrible. I was about to give this project a complete 0 for being terrible, but Bizarre actually put forth a few meaningful tracks towards the end of the project. His bars are just God awful most of the way through, but on a few spots, he actually comes through with some decent themes. On “Lose Weight” he raps about the dangers of being overweight and the struggles to drop the extra pounds. On “Step Father” he celebrates the good step fathers out there raising other people’s kids. So he definitely can put some positive messages out here and there despite having next to no lyrical ability. The beats on this project as a whole weren’t too good either. Again, the end of the album finishes up stronger than the beginning, but there really isn’t too much to salvage. Bizarre needs to stop rapping or maybe just be a feature here and there.


OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#bizarre #bizarred12 #bizarresworld #d12 #d-12 #dirtydozen #detroit #rufus


Bizarre - Rufus

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