38 Spesh teams up with a bunch of great MCs to form the Trust Army and give us a pretty decent project. This one overall is pretty dope. It is far better than a lot of the other garbage out there today. If you are judging this project against only other 38 Spesh projects, I’d say it’s about average. His bars together with others such as Che Noir, Planet Asia, Dark Lo, Rome Streetz, and more are really pretty decent. They are definitely slaying it as a whole compared to the rest of the game, but up against their own work, there aren’t too many memorable moments on here. The beats are definitely pretty slamming as you have 38 Spesh behind the boards doing his thing. The highlight on here is “Steel Trumpets” by Dark Lo. He spits that real life, street Philly raps that are always some of the realest out there. Hip Hop heads will definitely appreciate this quality project as a whole. As far as replay value though, this might just be a once or twice played project. Still dope though no matter what.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#38spesh #iamspesh #trust #trustarmy #armyoftrust


38 Spesh & Trust Army - Army Of Trust

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