Action Bronson teams up with the legendary producer The Alchemist to provide us with a new EP. When it comes to Action Bronson, I always find myself wanting more and more and that is what happened with this project. It is just not long enough and you want to hear more of what Action Bronson can do. He is fantastically and comically sharp throughout the project. His rhymes are always sprinkled with gourmet food, old car, and drug references. He always knows exactly what he is doing and rarely disappoints an audience. Alchemist does a decent job on the beats. It did seem like there was an effort to tailor his beats just to Action Bronson’s style. “Just The Way It Is” is the best song on here with it’s perfect neck snapping bop and Bronson’s expert level flow. All in all, this was a dope project. I just wish it was longer. It also makes me curious how another Action Bronson and Party Supplies mixtape would sound.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#actionbronson #action_bronson #queens #alchemist #thealchemist #lamboverrice #lamboverriceep


Action Bronson & Alchemist - Lamb Over Rice EP

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