Stalley comes back a lot stronger on this new project. With a few duds under his belt from previous attempts, I think he corrected what he needed to and came back with a lot stronger of a record for fans. This is a very introspective project that looks deep inside himself and culture. With his rhymes, he beckons people to look inside themselves as well. The production on here is a lot tighter than previous releases and I think that is what causes Stalley to shine on here as well. You can tell he stepped his bars up and his flow is very much improved as well. He flows effortlessly over smooth and soulful tracks. The far and away highlight of this project is the perfectly crafted “A Main.” With it’s perfect drum beat and beautiful sample, it is just a masterpiece. I want to hear Stalley over beats like this all the time. He did a fantastic job here. This is definitely one that you wanna check out.


OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#stalley #mmg #bluecollargang #bcg #reflectionofselftheheadtrip #reflectionofself #theheadtrip #rostht


Stalley - Reflection Of Self-The Head Trip

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