The PR Terrorist is back with another new offering. This one is pretty decent overall. On the mic, I don’t think he is spitting anything absolutely mind spinning, but he definitely holds his own. He moves like a camouflage ninja through the beats and throws darts at his unsuspecting targets. The beats on here are decent. There is a small resemblance to the older Killarmy and even Wu-Tang beats from the past. I don’t know if the production side quite measures up, but it’s not too bad overall. There weren’t a whole lot of features on here either. I think that is something that might have benefited him a bit more to throw some more featured artists on here. All in all, this was a good effort.


OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#dompachino #prterrorist #killarmy #warpoetry #napalmrecordings #napalm #wutang #wu-tang #wtc #wutangclan #buildndestroy


Dom Pachino - Build N Destroy

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