RJ Payne has created a masterful piece of work here with this latest recording. This is a view into lyrical brutality. RJ Payne is an absolute expert and slays through the competition with ease. It’s like a hot knife cutting through butter. You cannot coach perfection and that is what RJ Payne is on the mic. His lyrics are the equivalent of hitting a bullseye over and over again splitting your previous arrow each time. This guy is unstoppable and unforgiving. He can go against any rapper out here today and slaughter them. There is no question. He can probably give a lot of your top ten list of MCs a great run for their money and probably beat them as well. He is absolutely flawless on the mic on this project. The beats are just about as equivalent. It’s like watching the greatest horror movie ever as you listen to this project. If you don’t listen to this whole project on repeat, you are doing yourself the greatest disservice ever. This is Halloween brutality in rhyme form at it’s highest level and we are witnessing the growth of a new legend. Don’t go to sleep.


OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#rjpayne #iamrjpayne #reignman #izziefareal#eimg #blacksopranofamily #bsf #gxfr #griselda #fashionrebels #philadelphia #philly #leatherface2


RJ Payne - Leatherface 2

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